Allen Amplification is no longer selling its transformers due to changes in the supply chain. We may be able to offer them once again when things settle down. Thank you.

New "how to set bias" video on the Repairs page.

Check out the NEW Brown Jug amp based on the Fender 6G11-A brown Vibrolux™.

Other Services and Products

Allen Amps offers fast, reliable repairs and quality replacement parts for '60s and '70s Fender™ guitar tube amplifiers at reasonable prices.


Allen Amplification offers quality repairs of vintage 60s and 70s Fender™ tube amps with a typical turn-around time of 2 weeks or less. All work performed by David Allen, EE and guaranteed. My shop rate is $50/hr and I have a $100 minimum billing for chassis shipped in for repair.


Allen transformers are perfect for repairs and replacements of most of the more popular vintage Fender™ amplifiers or for your own custom-built projects. Period correct voltages and equal or better current ratings. Direct bolt-in replacements with no drilling necessary. Improved features such as Unistrand pre-tinned wiring for easy soldering, center-tapped heater windings on power transformers for convenient grounding (without the need for 100 ohm grounding resistors at the pilot light) and internal hum shield brought out to a lead for grounding power transformers to reduce hum emissions.


Allen Amplification also offers open-backed speaker cabinets constructed from solid finger-jointed pine and covered in black vintage Tolex with seams on the bottom. The cabinets have a birch plywood floating-type baffle board built up 1/4" on the edges and covered with black/white/silver sparkle grill cloth and have a brushed stainless-steel Allen logo.The cabinets feature a single speaker jack on the upper back panel, bottom chrome corners, heavy duty glides, and a black strap handle. All prices are for unloaded cabinets (without speakers).